Charlie Cottiers
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48 Queen Palm Drive
Naples, FL - 34114
Candidate's Statement

WELCOME! Thank you for visiting my site. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I previously lived on Long Island for 32 Years. I am married to the same extraordinary woman for 30 years, have 3 wonderful children, and 7 amazing grandchildren. I worked for 20 Years in the Aerospace Industry, one of L.I.\'s Premier Employers--Grumman Aerospace Corp. I was a small business owner for 10 years. I was a seasonal visitor to EAST NAPLES for 15 years, a permanent resident for 4 years and am presently semi-retired. While living here, I have had the good fortune of befriending many EAST NAPLES FIREFIGHTER/ PARAMEDICS. While getting to know these FINE, BRAVE, YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN, I have witnessed the true meaning of public service and dedication. A TRUE BELIEVER IN BEING FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE AND CONSERVATIVE: -Our FIREFIGHTERS/PARAMEDICS have recently taken a 30%-47%voluntary pay cut--IT IS TIME FOR THE COMMISSIONERS TO TAKE THEIR CUT. A TRUE BELIEVER IN SMALLER GOVERNMENT. I believe now is the time to shrink local government through consolidation: -Presently, there are 25 fire commissioners in this small area. IT IS TIME TO DOWNSIZE THE NUMBER OF COMMISSIONERS -Centralizing operations and maintenance facilities would bring additional savings to our taxpayers. A TRUE BELIEVER IN PROPER MANAGEMENT. Under my direction, I would: 1) Re-evaluate the present profit-sharing plan. Present systems have created risks of laying off firefighters putting our community at risk, which is the number one priority that this office needs to be focused on. 2) Settle the labor disputes that has been ongoing since 2009 and has cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands in legal fees. 3) Prepare for the growth of the community. Maintaining numbers of the firefighter personnel, run efficient crews, leave open current stations, freeze current mileage tax rates. I Am Proud To Have Received The Endorsement Of The COLLIER PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDICS. Please join their endorsement and cast a vote for me. Think about what your vote has gotten you for the last 4 years and the 4 before that. Thank you all for your time and continual support. God Bless You and America! Please continue to visit the site for upcoming community events and rallies. CAMPAIGN DONATIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. PLEASE SEND YOUR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS TO: CHARLIE COTTIERS P.O. BOX 2031 MARCO ISLAND,FL 34146 Update:To View Video Interview Of Candidate, Please Go To: Naples News.Com/Elections / Double Click Candidates Name. PLease Visit League Of Women Voters Site For Additional Information.Lwvcolliercounty. org .
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