Clifford S. Karr
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11187 SW Wyndham Way
Port St. Lucie, FL - 34987
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·        Graduate of Syracuse University (B.A.-1966) and Syracuse University College of Law (J.D.-1969); Member of the MO and NY bar; Admitted to practice before the U.S. District Courts of the Western District of MO and the Southern District of NY.

·        Retired, after 28 years, as Deputy Director of a NYS legal agency, responsible for representing the rights of the mentally ill and persons with mental disabilities.

                Responsibilities included: Assisted in the hiring of all staff (40-45) in 8 offices; Trained                    attorneys; Monitored and evaluated the quality of work produced; Determined work                        priorities and assigned staff; Prepared the agency budget (in excess of $3 million); and                  Supervised the expenditure of agency funds.

Some of my past volunteer work includes:

·        Member of the Bd. of Trustees and Executive Committee of the NY/NJ affiliate of the National Kidney Foundation; VP of Patient Programs; Member of the Community and Patient Services Committee of the National Kidney Foundation.

·        Served on various committees of co-op building where I lived in NYC.

Since moving to TownPark in 2007, I have attended almost all of the Stockton Village and TownPark HOA Board meetings, as well as some of the Tradition HOA Board meetings and CDD #6 meetings. I helped organize the initial Community Watch Program in TownPark with the guidance of the local police department and served as its first Coordinator.

·        Served on the Stockton Village Turnover Committee (May 2014-June 2015); Elected to first all resident Stockton Village HOA Board and elected VP by said Board in June 2015; Re-elected as Board member and VP in 2016 and 2017.

I am well versed on the responsibilities of CDD Board members as I have attended many meetings, testified and submitted written testimony for the record. I would place a high priority on keeping assessments as low as possible to perform necessary and mandated functions. I would avoid burdening landowners with assessments for projects that are not mandated, are not permanent and are opposed by the expressed opinions of the majority of the community.

I would prioritize all means to lower the rate we pay for our irrigation water as it is considerably higher than in neighboring communities. I will also monitor the changes and effects posed by the sale of the remaining Tradition land to the City of Port St. Lucie for commercial use and Mattamy Homes for residential use.

I would welcome the opportunity to help make our community an even more desirable place to call home that it already is. It would be an honor to serve TownPark as Board member of CDD #6.


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