Mary Milmore
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11170 SW Wyndham Way
Port St. Lucie, FL - 34987
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My husband, Dave and I relocated (his job transfer) from New York in October 2008 and have been property owners residing in TownPark since that time.

My work experience has been primarily in business and office management.

I have volunteered for several organizations including Making Strides, Relay for Life, Humane Society and the Equine Rescue & Adoption Foundation (where I formally adopted “Sundancer” in 2012).

Since becoming a TownPark resident, I have continued my volunteerism to serve our community in the following ways:

v  TownPark Master Architectural Review Committee - presently 

v  Tradition CDD #6 Supervisor - presently

v  Stockton Village Board of Directors – presently

I have served on CDD #6 since 2010. During this time, I have worked with my fellow Supervisors and District Management Staff to review and approve annual budgets, create and expand Work Authorization processes for property owners to do projects in CDD areas and worked with CDD’s 1-5 and 7-10 on issues that pertain to all of Tradition. I assisted in the creation of a CDD #6 Powerpoint presentation for TownPark residents. On occasion, we hold informational seminars which answer frequently asked questions.

In addition to attending the regularly scheduled monthly meetings, I:

v  subscribe to the Special District Association newsletter email on both national and state levels;

v  attend webinars on specific topics of interest in order to access more information;

v  meet and have discussions with experienced professionals as a research and reference tool for topics facing the District (such as aquatic vegetation, water quality, Florida Law, finance and the integrity & functionality of the storm water management system).

Looking forward, there a few areas of high interest (specific to TownPark) that I feel need to be under close review:

1)     A firm understanding of the lakes being created in LakePark, as well as the shared common lake with Bennington (more importantly – the problems/issues) in anticipation of turning those lakes over to the CDD.

2)     More research & better understanding of the irrigation water rate structure we now pay, as well as future options to lower this rate.

3)     Careful observation of landowner changes – City of Port St Lucie for commercial use and Mattamy Homes for residential use. Monitoring and understanding the direct impact on CDD’s 3, 4, 5, & 6 (which are already resident controlled).

It would be a privilege to serve another term as Supervisor for CDD #6. If given this opportunity, I would strive to continue to build upon, as well as maintain the positive direction of not only our CDD #6, but also all of Tradition.

Thank you for your consideration!

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