Dennis Keane
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11169 SW Lake Park Drive
Port St. Lucie, FL - 34987
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Dennis Keane

Lake Park

Port St. Lucie, FL


I am a retired New York City firefighter, who believes strongly in our community and environment. In February of 2007, I moved into Stockton from Long Island. In September of 2017, I sold my home in Stockton and moved into Lake Park which is where I presently reside.

  I have volunteered my time on the

·         Stockton Turn over Committee

·         Stockton Village Board of Directors

·         TownPark Master Architectural Committee – Presently

I have been to numerous CDD meetings and I am very well versed on issues concerning our district #6. If I am elected to the district #6 board, I promise to do my due diligence in researching all matters that have an impact on the environment in and around our community. In doing so, I will be well equipped to represent the interests of the community. If elected as your district #6 representative, I can assure you that I will respect and uphold the majority vote of the TownPark community members.


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