Wayne N. Smith
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362 NW Sunview Way
Port St. Lucie, FL - 34986
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I have occupied Seat 2 and been the elected Secretary of the Board of Supervisors for St Lucie West Services District since January 2016.  I was chosen, amongst 7 candidates, to fill the remaining term after the passing of long time member and chairman, Harvey Cutler.  I am now running for Re-Election to seat 2. 

I reside in The Cascades, the largest community in St. Lucie West, where I am an elected board of director member for over 6 years, having held positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer.  I have been involved, since 2005, with shaping many of the operations and financial procedures and policies guiding this communities success.   

As a SLWSD Supervisor, I have been, along with my co supervisors, responsible for supporting the districts mission: To provide water utility, surface (storm) water management, and other logically related services that maintain the quality of St. Lucie West.

During my term as a supervisor, it has been rewarding to be part of the progress St. Lucie West Services District’s Management and Staff has achieved. Enhancements such as: Creating additional water retention reducing the chances of SLW flooding during storms and rain events, (i.e.Lake Harvey and 4E-5 canal); Phased in replacement of residential water meters, reducing district cost overhead and improving residential water usage detail.

My goals, as Supervisor:
> To continue to carry on and maintain the district’s financial strength and success.  
> To work with my co supervisors in continued support of our SLW constituents’ needs related to services provided by the SLWSD.  
> Provide guidance and direction as the district begins the creation of its new headquarters and emergency facility.


Thank you
Wayne N. Smith
SLWSD Seat 2
Board of Supervisors

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