Donna Maria Mills
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Contact Information

PO Box 311
Fort Pierce, FL - 34954
Candidate's Statement

Rev. Dr. Donna Mills has been a community activist and advocate for St Lucie County’s school children for the past years.

She has been married for 39 years to her husband, the Rev. Kenneth Mills Sr. who is a Fort Pierce Native and graduate of Fort Pierce Central.

They have four children. All of her children grew up in SLC and have graduated from SLC schools.

She is the proud grandparent of 3 grandsons. Her eldest grandson is an 8th grader. Her other grand is in 2nd grade. Both of which attend SLC public schools. The youngest grandson is 3 years old.

Her youngest child graduated last year from Fort Pierce Central and I.R.S.C. with an Associate of Arts degree. In a class of over 600 students, he graduated in the top 20 students with the highest GPAs.

Her eldest child graduated from Westwood High. She went on to Howard University with a full scholarship and graduation with a double major. She continued her education at Yale University and graduated with a degree in law. She has returned to live in SLC and is the Federal Judge for the Southern District of Florida.

Dr. Mills other two other sons graduated from Lincoln Park Academy and I.R.S.C.


1995, she obtained an Associate in Arts degree from I.R.S.C.

1997, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University.

1998, she received a Master of Religious Arts in Theology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

2000, she received her Doctor of Religious Philosophy in Christian Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

2014, she was re-certified as a State Certified Childcare Director

2016, she passed the State Exam and became a Florida Real Estate Agent

2018, after completing 96 volunteer hours of Fl. School Board Association, she received her Certified Board Member Certification

Her motto is “I will forever be learning and will never cease to be a student. I believe to be a great teacher, you must first be a great student.”


1986-current, Dr. Mills co founded, along with husband, The Bible Way Soul Saving Station, an inner city, non-denominational church which focus on inner city youth.

1989-current, Dr. Mills and husband become co-founders of the Save Our Children Center, an inner city, after school, tutorial, cultural and recreational program for children ages 5-17. Open five days a week, after school from 3pm-7pm and during the summer, this place has become a safe haven for many children.

1999-2004, Dr. Mills opens the Mills Academic Learning Center, a preschool / childcare center for children, ages 2-5. This preschool focused on preparing children for academic success.

1990-2010, Dr. Mills started the Bible Way Ministry to the country of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Today, the Bible Way Ministry has successfully established two Churches, two schools, and a mission compound.

2000-2005, Dr. Mills opens up an inner city school for k-8th grade.

2009-2015, reopens a preschool/childcare center for ages 2-5 and calls it the Bible Way Academy. The school offers a new, innovative and exceptional curriculum for academic success. The curriculum includes: Advance Phonics, Math Concepts, Computer Skills, A-Z Bible Scriptures, Spanish, Sign Language, African American Inventors, Positive Affirmations, Poetry, Music, Art, and Character Building Skills.

2010-2014, she ran a successful campaign and became the first black female to ever serve on the St. Lucie County School Board as a School Board Member.

2014-2018, she won another election term for School Board Member.

2015-current, she founded the S.L.C. Public School Speakers Bureau. SLCPS Speakers Bureau is currently participating at 12 middle and high schools on a monthly basis.

2010-current, Dr. Mills becomes a trainer for the "Kids at Hope" concept.  She fully agrees with "Kids at Hope" practices. She believes that all children are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!  She is passionate about children and community.

2018, Dr. Donna Mills currently serves on the following Boards: SLC School Board, SLC  Education Foundation Board, SLC Agricultural Labor Program Inc. (ALPI) Board, Save Our Children Center Board and Devereux Community Based Care Board.

2018,  she is endorsed by both the Teachers Union (CTA/CTU), CWA Union and the Palm Beach/Treasure Coast AFL-CIO Union

She doesn’t just talk a good talk. Her 33 years of community work speaks for itself!

Once again, the time has come for you to vote for a person who walks the talk!

If you want a person of proven, dedicated, devoted, action, and excellent leadership please vote, support and re-elect

 Donna Mills

SLC School Board Member, Chairwoman, District 3

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