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Contact Information

1391 NW Saint Lucie West Boulevard #387
Port St. Lucie, FL - 34986
Candidate's Statement

I was born in New Jersey and grew up in Hazlet near the shore. I learned my first lessons of responsibility and hard work from working in a refrigerated food warehouse. As I got older, my friends and family kept telling me that I needed to find a job with better benefits if I was going to start a family. I then went and joined the Ironworkers Union. For those that do not know what an ironworker does, they are the men and women you see working at the top of skyscrapers welding and fitting the iron beams together. I did most of my work on the ground though. I eventually moved to Florida to be closer to my parents. I settled in Port St. Lucie and I have been here for over 27 years. After years of working in the field as an ironworker, I ran for leadership positions within my local union. Eventually, I was elected as the business manager of Local 402. The business manager is a higher office position than the president in our organization. Once I was elected, I helped negotiate an annuity for the membership that is an added benefit for their retirement. It started out with a dollar and now has over 3 million dollars in it. I also currently sit as the president of the Southeast Ironworkers pension board. As a business manager, it is my job to make sure that all of our members are working and can find work. I take great pride in helping out small contractors find the workers they need to go after the big jobs. In turn, that not only helps my members, but it helps that business owner grow their business. I am a businessperson’s Democrat. I believe businesses have to thrive to make the community better. When small business does well, people have a better opportunity to work. Finally, they say a man’s legacy is his children. I have 6 children that I am very proud of, 3 boys and 3 girls. I also have 7 grandchildren. My mother is 91 and I love her dearly. I do want to thank my wife Debra who I love tremendously. I thank her for helping me be my rock and it was her encouragement that gave me the strength to be able to run for office.
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