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Candidate's Statement

Itís morning again in Estero. People are thinking about family. David Levin and his wife Jacquelyn are also thinking about family. With their first daughter on the way, David and Jacquelyn have planted roots in the very best community, Estero. Thatís also why Davidís sister and her family live in Estero. With his mother in Fort Myers and his grandmother living in Naples, Davidís Florida roots have always been deep. Itís part of the Estero tradition; a shared set of values where families can thrive in an environment built for their success. The recipe is simple, and the same as itís been for decades: Keep taxes low, let businesses prosper, and ensure our schools are competitive among the best in the country. This is how David will achieve our common vision of a great Estero. Davidís interest in state and local government began while he studied at West Point, from where he transferred to the State University of New York to be closer to the state\'s capitol and learn the nuts and bolts of government. After earning a bachelor\'s degree and a master\'s in public policy while working with the legislature, David built a strong reputation across the state for his vigorous advocacy, having been featured on the nightly news. Davidís passion for government and policy led him to incorporate a successful consulting firm, and taught him to balance a budget, save for the future, create jobs, and work with others; tried and true building blocks for businesses as well as communities. Now, David is thinking about Estero. After years in our community, listening to what it takes to keep Estero a great place to live, heís learned that we want a government that spends money wisely and gets the job done right the first time. Itís morning again in Estero, and David is looking to a bright day ahead. He pledges to bring his values of excellence and experience to the Village of Estero Council. Heís putting families first.
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