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Candidate's Statement

Candidate: Randall “Randy” Brodersen Office: Village of Estero Council - 4 I am a candidate for the position of Councilman for the newly created “Village of Estero”. I will campaign as a resident from District 4 within the Village boundaries. I believe that my work experiences will help and assist the other councilmembers in maintaining the high quality of living that Estero has come to recognize through the hard work of the ECCL and other groups. My wife, her mother and I moved into Country Creek in Estero in June of 2013 and are full-time residents. Prior to our move here, we lived in Punta Gorda (approximately 40 miles north) for 25 years. Shortly after moving here, I was asked to run for the Master Board here in Country Creek. I campaigned for the position and was elected to serve. Through the current board we have instituted a number of policies and suggestions for the betterment of the community. Employment Experience City of Punta Gorda – 1989 – 2013 • 24 years working at the City; Public Works Department • Public Works Supervisor – Canal Maintenance. Set and maintain a $3.5M annual budget. • Worked closely with Procurement on contracts with outside contractors, vendors and regularly approving invoices submitted by contractors. • Worked closely with Finance on invoicing, budgeting and getting approval from FEMA after Hurricane Charley. • Reviewed plans for Capital Improvement Projects on the Public Works end of the project. • Reviewed and updated the City of Punta Gorda Ordinances as they pertained to Public Works. • Assisted the Right-of way, Parks and Grounds, Sanitation & PW Administration as needed. • Reported to the City of Punta Gorda Council and other Advisory Committees updating them on various projects. Accomplishments • Prepared the first Stormwater Debris Management manual approved by Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for the City of Punta Gorda. • Assisted FDEP set-up their initial Stormwater, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Operators certification program. • Responsible for submitting grants for Capital Improvement Projects and was awarded approximately $2,000,000 towards those projects. • Trips to Tallahassee to obtain permitting for marine projects that were approved. • Excellent working relationship with FDEP and with Army Corp of Engineers in obtaining permits. • Currently hold a 100 ton Master U.S. Coast Guard License Future Goals - If elected, I will insist in continuing with the high appearance standards of which the residents of Estero have been seeing through the hard work of the ECCL and other volunteer groups. I would work to allocate sufficient revenues for reserves as the Village gets established, while helping to plan and implement a “Village Center” for Estero. The creation of “Advisory Committees” to carry on the work of the Estero Community Planning Panel (ECPP) and the Estero Design Review Committee (EDRC) is very important. I will work on getting appropriate economic development in order to keep taxes down and also to protect our environment through sound decision making. I am excited about being a part of our new “Village of Estero” and look forward to election day so we can make our plans come true.
Note: The candidate's photograph and statement are supplied by the candidate and are not endorsed by the County Supervisor of Elections or checked for accuracy.
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