Paula K Schaff
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Contact Information

26255 Stillwater Cir
Punta Gorda,, FL - 33955
Candidate's Statement

Personal: Fred, my husband of almost 45 years, and I have been in Punta Gorda since 1999. We have one son and five grandchildren. Three of the granddaughters are enrolled in Charlotte County schools. This gives me a vested interest in the education provided by our school system. My passion for conservatism (interest in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, limited growth of government at all levels) has grown with the growth of government and its infringement on our personal liberty and God given freedoms. I am a past President and current Treasurer of the Punta Gorda Tea Party; past volunteer at Sally Jones school; a past Republican Executive Committee member and a life long registered Republican. Experience: My 34 plus years of manufacturing and distribution experience with Dana Corporation, an automotive supplier, covered all facets of business. At the time of my retirement in 2001 as Vice President and General Manager, I ran seven diversified divisions with full operational and Profit and Loss responsibility. Issues: I\'m concerned about our loss of the Rule of Law or lack of it at all levels of government. Loss of Liberty is a serious issue. Excessive taxation and overbearing regulation keeps the county from job growth. While counties should be financially independent, debt continues to grow. These issues hinder job growth. Core Values: My core values are Fiscal Responsibility; Limited Government and Free market values with a focus on creating jobs through Private Enterprise. The county can not create jobs - but must create the regulatory environment for business to flourish.
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