Alexandra Coe
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1563 Arcadia Avenue
Sarasota, FL - 34232
Candidate's Statement


We need common-sense governance that embraces a community-centric approach, moving away from developer-driven agendas.


The impacts of short-sighted development decisions are already evident. Protecting East County from overdevelopment is critical, as rural lands are not merely landscapes—they are vital to our urban core’s resilience against floods and storms. They are essential for replenishing our aquifers and our water supply.


We deserve a government that prioritizes its residents over developers’ profits. Currently, our government is more focused on expanding the tax base than addressing the needs of the people. Sarasota County has the oldest population in the United States, and our local government must fulfill its duty to be a responsible steward of our seniors’ well-being.

Elect Alexandra Coe, Sarasota County Commission, District 1

Serving the Sarasota Community for over 25 years.

  • Currently elected to the Charter Review Board
  • Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Sarasota County
  • Former Vice-chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida
  • Member of the Sarasota Republican Executive Committee
  • Precinct Committee Woman
  • Vice-chair of the Suncoast Commission on the Status of Women
  • Anthropologist
  • Parliamentarian

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