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Candidate's Statement

Over the past 35 years in front of juries across Florida, Steve has represented clients in a broad range of both civil and criminal matters. Whether the case involves damages, DUI, dog bites, domestic violence, divorce, drug trafficking or the death penalty, Steve knows his way around the Florida courtroom. He has admired the techniques, demeanor, knowledge and wisdom of judges from Daytona to the Florida Keys, Lauderdale to Tampa, Orlando to Jacksonville and many counties in between. Whether representing a doctor or lawyer, a mom or dad, child or teacher, police officer or accused, Steve has fought hard in an effort to seek justice. He has trained law enforcement officers in courtroom presentation techniques, and mentored young lawyers just entering the profession. Always in private practice, he knows the pressures and rewards of being self-employed.

Through membership and as Immediate past president of a local branch of a service club, Steve has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist Volusia county charitable and community organizations. He takes the ideal of service above self to heart and still volunteers his time in Volusia elementary schools. As a parent and grandparent he has a keen interest in taking action to create lasting, positive change.

“I would like to offer my experience, knowledge of the law, and the ability and willingness to make the hard call in service to the people as a Volusia County Court Judge.”

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