Jon Arguello
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Contact Information

1728 Boat Launch Road
Kissimmee, FL - 34746
Candidate's Statement

I have been extraordinarily blessed throughout my lifetime. I have a great family to come home to everyday. I married my wonderful wife, Nichole, upon return from my first deployment to Afghanistan. We have five children, Isabella (20), Emma (18), Jonathan (17), Ave (7), and Hallow (1).

I am a businessman and am currently the CEO of a local signage manufacturing company. Prior to that I worked for the church, as a professional communicator, and as a Soldier in the US Army having deployed to Afghanistan twice.

To me education is about freedom, opportunity, and potential. As a first generation American, my mother made it very clear that faith and education were two great gifts that could not be taken from you. Although I was not a great student as a young man, I would eventually go on to get my A.A. from Valencia, My B.A. from Rollins College, and my J.D. from Barry University.

I have fought for those who cannot fight for themselves. I fought against the Taliban who brutalized women and children and I fought for children as a board member of Voices for Osceola’s Children. I have also served on many other community and education oriented boards.

All candidates are going to want to serve, but few will be have the experience necessary to make an education system work in favor of all of its constituents. I have the executive experience to transform the school system to everyone’s benefits, taking into account the teachers, staff, students and parents as well as the citizens of the District 3.

Smart schools are no longer an option. The safety, education, and well being of the educational community as we return to the schools will be a challenge unlike many in the past.

If you bless me with the opportunity to serve you on the school board, I will do so with honor, integrity, and effectiveness. Together, we will make this county’s educational opportunities the best in the state.

Thank you and God bless you.


Phone: (321) 222-7509



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