Roseanna Bronhard
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31 W.F. Mager\\\'s Rd
Crawfordville, FL - 32327
Candidate's Statement

Dear Wakulla County Voters:

I have been licensed as an attorney since 1991, nearly 30 years.   I have worked as a Judicial Staff Attorney in the Court system.  I worked in many divisions under the Circuit Judges, drafting many recommended decisions.  I was promoted to Court Probate Counsel. I served in both Court positions from 1993-2002.  I do have private litigation experience.  I served as a Senior Attorney for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  I currently serve as an attorney for the Florida Commission on Human Relations in Tallahassee. I review cases and make recommended determinations on discrimination law including public accommodations and whistleblower cases.

Overall, I believe I am providing the voters an opportunity to make a decision on who should be their Judge. I believe I will be impartial and make decisions with integrity and not be influenced by the “who is who” and “who makes contributions, nor is connected…”  I believe I will make decisions based on the law and not connections, nor will contributions be an influencing factor. 

The basis of a contested elections is that Judges should be decided based on the many voters that comprise the electorate.

I believe I can serve the voters of Wakulla County with compassion and integrity. 

I will not engage in partisan politics because the ethics code doesn’t allow this.

Email address is: or

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