Brenda Hoots
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Candidate's Statement

Hello, this is Brenda Hoots a candidate and your current Supervisor of Elections for Hendry County asking for your Vote! This will mark my 29th year in the Elections office and 8 of those years as your Supervisor of Elections. As your Supervisor of Elections I have followed the laws and rules governing elections, as well as introducing new technologies and policies within the office and the election process. 

Experience does matter. I have demonstrated the comprehensive, adaptive and communicative abilities necessary to be Supervisor of Elections.

During my tenure we moved our Clewiston office to a more suitable facility. Implemented electronic poll books ours being the EViD that allows for quicker and more accurate voter check-in.  

Early Voting has been upgraded with EViD's and Ballot on Demand which reduces waste and cost when ordering ballots.

Also working with other small counties we were able to obtain a nonmatching grant to purchase new Tabulation and ADA compliant voting equipment.

To further protect the integrity and security of our elections we have purchased red cages to secure our equipment when out of the office. Also purchased with grant funds the hardware and a contract service to observe our cyber traffic 24/7 for any abnormalities.  

Staff and I attend a variety of outreach projects in the community registering voters and informing our community on the election process.  Focus projects for our youth have been to perform a skit about the election process and hold an Election at summer camps, attending High College/Career Day, Middle School Career Day. Keeping Civic organization informed on new or upcoming topics in the election world.

I am committed to upholding the integrity, professionalism, security, transparency and the highest ethical standards of the Elections office. Using county funds and resources efficiently and effectively. Remember to Give a Hoot and Vote!






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