Gregory M. Wood
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641 Darwin Rd
Venice, FL - 34293
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Parental Rights

Parents and families must retain the right to make all decisions regarding their children’s health, education, and future; not teachers' unions, nor administrators, nor school board members


We must emphasize critical thinking skills, the art of language, and education centered on long-term life success versus an education given to pass a standardized test. Our kids need reading, writing, arithmetic, and science to be first and foremost in their education. Teaching children how to think, not what to think,  prepares them for success and gives them the skillsets they require to overcome hurdles in life.


Every penny spent by schools came from the pockets of you, the taxpayer. Let’s ensure your tax-payer money is spent only in ways that make our kids more successful.

Who am I? Why am I running?

I am a husband, father of 3 daughters, and I say it is time to have a dad and parent with kids in the schools on the School board. As your next school board member, I will ensure a commitment to parental rights, student success, and accountability from our school system. I am fighting for the future of my 3 daughters and that means I am fighting as well for your kids and your grandkids. I am here to listen to the community and follow our Constitution; not shut down community input. It’s time to refocus on the success of our students.

I moved here 2.5 years ago, not to get involved in politics, but to continue my years long work with youth. I was hired as the executive director to turn a failing, youth-focused, non-profit around- I have done that and continue my work there. A primary part of my job is working with middle and high school age kids and I get to see the product of our education system first hand. Unfortunately, I see kids being negatively affected by negatively by the school board’s decisions. I see kids that are book smart, but are not ready for the real world.  I do not accept that for my daughters- they deserve more!  Don’t forget kids leaving high school now will be the ones leading our Country in 20 years. I will leverage my years as a business owner, executive director, board member, and community member to ensure our kids get what they need to be successful in life.

I need your help to make schools a place where kids learn reading, writing, arithmetic, and history. Our kids need to learn how to think versus what to think. Let’s give parents back their voice, give the community a voice, and do so while we focus on the success of our kids. Afterall, they are our future!

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