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Once a candidate withdraws, becomes unopposed, is eliminated, or elected to office, the candidate must dispose of the funds on deposit in his or her campaign account and file a campaign treasurer report (termination report) reflecting the disposition of funds. The person may only expend funds from the campaign account to: Purchase thank you advertising for up to 75 days after he or she withdraws, becomes unopposed, is eliminated, or elected to office. Pay for items which were obligated before he or she withdrew, became unopposed, was eliminated, or elected to office. Pay for expenditures necessary to close down the campaign office and to prepare final campaign reports. Dispose of surplus funds as provided in Section 106.141, F.S. (Section 106.11(5), F.S.)

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The Campaign Financial Reporting System is provided to you and all candidates to provide for entering contributions, expenditures, and other transactions required for campaign treasurer's reports. Our official contact information is:

  Gertrude Walker
Supervisor of Elections
4132 Okeechobee Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34947 (772) 462-1500

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