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Don't forget that the report IS NOT LEGALLY FILED until the signed copy is received by the elections office. This must be done on or before the due date of the report. If the report is delinquent, you are subject to a fine.

Once the report is received by the elections office, the elections office will publish the data entered by you on the web site.

Using the system is very easy and there is no cost to you.

Use the Candidate ID and Password provided by the Supervisor of Elections office to log in to the Candidate Financial Reporting System.

Numeric Candidate ID (no leading zeros) Password

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The Campaign Financial Reporting System is provided to you and all candidates to provide for entering contributions, expenditures, and other transactions required for campaign treasurer's reports. Our official contact information is:

  Liberty County Supervisor of Elections
10818 NW SR 20
P.O. Box 597
Bristol, Florida 32321-0597

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