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NOTE: When a campaign/committee chooses to submit its report on paper, the transactions are not available within this search facility. Reports submitted on paper are uploaded and available for review under each
candidate's/committee's finance section.

This search form allows searching for contributions or expenditures from all elections for which history is stored in the system.

Enter as much or as little search criteria as you wish. For example, entering will as the last name returns all contributions which start with 'will' (i.e. Williams, Willis, etc.).

You can enter more than one criteria to limit the search. Entering will for the name and 200 for the Minimum Contribution shows all contributions with a name starting with 'will' and having amounts that are greater than or equal to $200.
Information contained within the reports has been generated by and is the sole responsibility of the reporting entity
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Note: Summary amounts are based on the Contributor/Vendor name only. Please review inidividual entries to ensure they are from/for the same entity.
  Output Format : CSV
The 'Output Format' option allows you have the output as comma separated value format. To use this, check the option box and click the Search button. Highlight all of the resulting text and copy/paste it into a new notepad. Save the file and use a tool capable of displaying a comma separated file (e.g. Microsoft Excel) to open it. When the tool asks for the delimiter, select comma.